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  1. Gun Rights Advocates Podcast (Internet radio show)
  2. Wichita area
  3. Gun bill fires up emotions
  4. Virginia Tech massacre may sway Kansas vote
  5. Kansas now has Preemption
  6. OCDO Press Release: Good news for open carry in Kansas!
  7. OC while on personal property.
  8. Open Carry in Derby, KS
  9. Showing ID to police?
  10. Open Carry experience in Lawrence
  11. Carry in Shawnee
  12. KS County approves gun discharge ban
  13. Open Carry in Topeka
  14. Good Knolegeable gun shop
  15. Kansas college to post no gun signs - thinks these signs make all gun possession unlawful
  16. OC in KS
  17. OC Map for KS
  18. OC in Olathe
  19. My run in with the Cops today
  20. Open Carry in Lawrence
  21. OC in Overland Park
  22. OC Road Clean up -Meet-up *Olathe*
  23. New Kansas City Gun Trader Site
  25. Open Carry in Manhattan Area?
  26. Open carry in kansas by CCW permit holders(preemption)
  27. A local KC gun shop got robbed
  28. Kansa or Missouri?
  29. I am planning on moving to the El Dorado area
  30. Wichita open carry has "loop holes"
  31. Wal-Mart one night then Hyvee the Next
  32. IWB Open Carry?
  33. "No Guns" signs in stores/motels
  34. Hello all
  35. Open Carry in your car?
  36. Kansas House has introduced new bill
  37. Mayor shoots nuisance dogs which chased children, gets flack
  38. Driving through Wichita. Open carry in the Car?
  39. Kansas jumping into the mix claiming sovereignty
  40. Open Carry Age law?
  41. Rep Jerry Moran comments about 2nd Amendment & HR45
  42. Can you open carry shotguns rifles???
  43. Kansas 2010 Gubernatorial Race
  44. NEW Kansas City Area OC map
  45. Flashing a gun on the interstate
  46. Out of state resident
  47. Visiting Kansas in June
  48. test
  49. Open Carry in Wichita -- YES WE CAN
  50. Open Carry in Ottawa and Osawatomie
  51. Little Help
  52. non-resident permit valid once again
  53. K.A.R. 16-11-7. Signs
  54. Travel OC
  55. KC area shooting ranges
  56. Open Carry Topeka - Yes we can
  57. Kansas Open Carry Law
  58. Open Carry Shawnee, KS
  59. Open Carry Merriam, KS
  60. Open Carry Overland Park, KS
  61. Open Carry Manhattan and Junction City Ft. Riley Area???????
  62. Kansas Open Carry Flyer
  63. Visiting Kansas
  64. Open Carry: Dog Walk - Topeka, KS
  65. Open Carry In Independence KS?
  66. Open Carry Mission, KS
  67. Hey guys check out my new website..........
  68. Open Carry Topeka: New Organization
  69. New Defensive Force Ruling
  70. What are the open carry laws in wichita and the surrounding area
  71. Kansas State Militia
  72. Clarifying laws on signs before trip
  73. Open Carry Loaded or Unloaded
  74. Open Carry in Shawnee County and Topeka, KS
  75. Lawrence
  76. open carry in parsons
  77. Silver Lake - Unloaded Open Carry
  78. Iola - Open Carry
  79. Pittsburg - Open Carry
  80. Leavenworth - Open Carry
  81. Winfield - Open Carry
  82. Manhattan - Open Carry
  83. El Dorado - Open Carry
  84. Kansas City, KS / Wyandotte County - Not Open Carry - infringement
  85. Atchison - Open Carry
  86. Chanute - Open Carry
  87. Concordia - Open Carry
  88. Derby - Open Carry
  89. Fort Scott - Open Carry
  90. Goodland - Open Carry
  91. Great Bend - Open Carry
  92. Hays - Open Carry
  93. McPherson - Open Carry
  94. Dodge City - Open Carry
  95. Junction City - Unloaded Open Carry
  96. Overland Park open carry ban = Infringement
  97. Wichita Eagle: Contact Tim Potter Initiative
  98. How many fans of the Jericho TV show do we have here ?
  99. Kansas city Kansas gun law
  100. Is OC legal in State Parks
  101. Wichita Unloaded Open Carry
  102. Kansas Brandishing Law
  103. Non CCW permit holder OC question
  104. Wichita Open Carry
  105. Topeka City Council considers banning open carry!
  106. Keep hitting this poll on Topeka, KS open carry!
  107. NRA declares proposed Topeka, KS open carry ban unacceptable!
  108. NRA declares proposed Topeka, KS open carry ban unacceptable!
  109. Looking at OCing in Lawrence
  110. OC in KS
  111. St. Joe News - Open carry becoming common in St. Joseph, Missouri
  112. Topeka Capital Journal - Topeka Open Carry to oppose police chief's bid to ban open carry in city
  113. Topeka Capital Journal - Topeka Open Carry to oppose police chief's bid to ban open carry in city
  114. Earl McIntosh, co-founder of Open Carry Topeka on Jim Cates radio show, Monday March 15, 0845 AM
  115. Earl McIntosh, co-founder of Open Carry Topeka on Jim Cates radio show - audio file available!
  116. How much exposure in Open Carry
  117. Topeka-Capital journal - Topeka police chief demands open carry ban using "what if&quot
  118. Topeka-Capital journal - Topeka police chief demands open carry ban using "what ifs&quo
  119. Law and codes For OC in Olathe, KS
  120. Anyone Carrying in Olathe?
  121. OC in Manhattan anyone know if i can?
  122. Domestic battery diversion dismissal CC law
  123. Open Carry Article in Wichita Eagle
  124. OC in Louisburg/Miami County
  125. Wichita OC trash pick-up
  126. Kansas City Star - City council member to push for gun carry rights in city halls across Missouri
  127. Traveling by Car Thru KS.....
  128. Open Carry Case
  129. Starbucks Topeka - Open Carry
  130. Topeka - Ban Open Carry Firearms - Round 2
  131. Topeka Capital Journal - Topeka City Council plans Tuesday to consider open carry ban
  132. Open carry Derby,KS
  133. Asked to leave Walmart in Olathe
  134. NRA Alert - Anti- Carry Proposal to be Heard Tomorrow in Topeka!
  135. NRA Alert - Anti- Carry Proposal to be Heard Tomorrow in Topeka!
  136. Topeka Open Carry Ban Defeated 5-3!!!!!
  137. olatha and overland park
  138. Does Kansas have preemption ??
  139. oc bbq
  140. OC in Junction City and geary county?
  141. Just me
  142. Protest Wichita’s Ban on Loaded Open Carry
  143. For the Kansas City Area People
  144. Travelling
  145. Wyandotte County
  146. What "weapons" can I own/carry on my person, legally?
  147. The Kansas Firearm Owners Association
  148. OC Case Law References relating to Reasonable Articulate Suspicion
  149. Greater KC area pro-activism.
  150. Topeka, KS Open Carry Compromise Ordinance Vote 10/19/2010
  151. I never saw it mentioned
  152. Grass Roots Groups In Kansas???
  153. OC in Leavenworth
  154. Turnpikes and rest stops
  155. Updated constitutional provision and preemption law
  156. Garmin is posted "no weapons", but the sign isn't legal
  157. Meet & Greet
  158. Open carry in Wichita, KS
  159. Thinking about moving back to the topeka area
  160. NEW WEBSITE -City List
  161. Plain English Answers Needed For a Young and Upcoming Open Carrier!
  162. Driving through
  163. multiple OC questions-SW Kansas
  164. OC BBQ in Wichita?
  165. Kansas Attorney General Opinion - localities cannot ban open carry!
  166. Kansas AG Says Localities Cannot Ban Unloaded Open Carry
  167. Open Carry Rally ideas
  168. Shooting Range Meet! (Suggestions)
  169. Tea party national rally is going to be held in KC this year.
  170. Is there any active members still on this forum?
  171. Got stopped in Independence KS
  172. Freedom Jamboree
  173. Road trip...passing through Dodge City; have questions
  174. Open Carry Law in El Dorado Kansas
  175. Howdy from Haysville
  176. How to become an instructor for Conceal Carry License?
  177. I had my first open carry in public today :)
  178. Thunderbird Tactical in Wichita
  179. Help coming to kansas
  180. crazy info when buying gun from px
  181. Not sure where to post this...Kansas City, Missouri Carry Conceal Permit Question!
  182. Local OCers! Introduce yourself!
  183. Lawrence Open Carry - purchase age question
  184. 2nd Kansas Attorney General Opinion on City preemption & Open Carry within a year!!
  185. Concealed Carry Reform Bill Moving in Kansas House
  186. Support starbucks on feb.14th
  187. Johnson County Sheriff won’t enforce Overland Parks Open Carry Ban!!
  188. Completely new to guns
  189. Kansas State Rifle Association? KSRA?
  190. Press Release: The Libertarian Party will challenge all Open Carry bans in Kansas
  191. Press Release: The KSRA Supports the LPKS state wide challenge on all open carry bans
  192. Weekly Thursday meet?
  193. Moving to Manhattan KS
  194. $25K Open Carry Settlement Example
  195. Kansas House Passes Concealed Carry Reform Bill
  196. OC in Doniphan, Brown, and Atchison Counties
  197. Wyandotte County Sheriff.......(Face palm)
  198. me, my fiancee, my friend, and my rifle were detained
  199. LEO encounter
  200. visiting/ passing thru in a few weeks
  201. A good encounter
  202. Does Kansas have a Duty to Notify?
  203. New Olathe member with questions!
  204. New Here-got some questions.
  205. Gardner Open Carry?
  206. Olathe CCH holder with questions about open-carry in my area.
  207. open carry 110% leagal in jefferson county ks
  208. Southeast KS OC
  209. Coloradan Passing Through!
  210. Open Carry Encounter
  211. Getting some Starbucks this morning, (Olathe, KS)
  212. Kansas Open Pamphlet
  213. New Poster Long time OC
  214. Looking for clarification on OC in Olathe
  215. Wichita just passed loaded open carry!!!
  216. Cross post of my MO post (since I live in KC) of my nice to meet you thread.
  217. Hello all
  218. OC Wichita
  219. Memorial Hall in Kansas City posted?
  220. Is Overland Park Changing Their Weapons Ordinance to Open Carry????
  221. Kck oc????
  222. Bonner Springs Ks OC???
  223. Open carry dinner/meeting the 4th Saturday of every month??
  224. Kansas Open Carry now a Facebook Group!!!! Come Join the group and like the page!!!!
  225. Is the AG BS-ing on paper?
  226. New Gun Shop Aims for Women’s Business
  227. Kansas OC support sucks..why????
  228. Kansas OC Cities list...restrictions may apply per city so do your own howework
  229. OC Dinner @ Golden Corral in Olathe, KS 8 SEP 2012
  230. Kansas OC dinner
  231. Arrested for Open Carrying in Wichita
  232. New restrictions against your 4th ammendment right/cc or oc??????????????????
  233. Overland Park to Vote on Open Carry
  234. Overland park passes open carry!!! Vote 11-1
  235. Kansas Bill of Rights, Section 4
  236. Press Release Libertarian Party Overland Park Open Carry
  237. Press Release: National www.opencarry.org - Kansas City, Kansas Open Carry
  238. Travaleing to Olathe From Idaho
  239. OC M&G in Overland Park!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  240. Where'd you O.C. today and how'd it go?
  241. KC Star Newspaper: No trouble on first day Overland Park allows open carrying of guns
  242. Press Release: Kansas State Rifle Association Overland Park
  243. Lenexa Open Carry Ban Officially Challenged
  244. Wyandotte - Kansas City, Kansas Open Carry Ban - Challenge
  245. Leawood Open Carry Ban Officially Challenged
  246. Prairie Village Open Carry Ban Officially Challenged
  247. Gardner Open Carry Ban Officially Challenged
  248. A big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  249. Overland Park to consider restrictions on new open carry law
  250. Overland Park Mayor on You tube discussing Open Carry