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Thread: Plants need protection to....LMAO

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    Plants need protection to....LMAO

    Beware of the Beast Within..... Under God one Nation will be returned to its Foundation!

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    Well, theft of property is still theft, no matter what they are stealing.

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    Way to go old man....LMAO

    If more criminals knew they would be shot just for stealing maybe they would think twice before stealing from the elderly.

    I like how the crook told the cops he just dropped his kids off at school and someone shot him in the head. Guilty run and hide this guy didn't call 911 saying he was shot, he didn't go to the hospital for medical care. He went to hide at home.

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    retreeeeeeat ! old crazy man with a gun !!

    hahaha ... the broad in the video had to mention he was black ... classic

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    A lot of people run and hide today because they don't know what the proper response is, and the only one they've been conditioned to (thanks to TV and movies) is re-enforced by their reptile brain... Which is simply fight or flight.... Fight's over? Is it over? Is someone else coming? I need to get out of here quick, just in case....

    Of course, the trick there is that if it's a self-defense situation, the result is that the person _should_ contact the authorities.

    However, as we know, it may be better for the authorities to look for you first. Lawyer and all that.

    There's something else here too. My rights say I have the right to bear arms in defense of self and state. It is acknowledged in my state's constitution. If I am bearing arms in defense of state, what am I defending? State property? State government? Government is people and property (documents, codes, laws, in written form). Am I protected an intangible? Am I protecting a "corporate citizen", if you will -- "The Government (of The State of Alabama)".
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