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Thread: please explain 12031 e,

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    Question please explain 12031 e,

    I,ve been carrying concealed for 7 years and now want to carry open.Do I carry my firearm with no chambered round[unloaded] or am I allowed to have a chambered round[loaded] while I carry open?,thanks,Dan

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    The "12031 e" was a law in California, not Ohio. It gave LE the authority to stop anyone OCing and verify that the handgun was being carried unloaded. Not really an issue any longer since all OC has been bannedin CA in areas where the "12031 e check" was being used.

    You are in Ohio as your status indicates, yes?
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    Dan: Assuming you are an Ohio resident: Please go to the Ohio Attorney General's website and download their pamphlet dealing with the laws regarding concealed carry. It also touches on the legality of open carry.

    And specifically to your question: You are definitely allowed to carry here with a round chambered. Some disagree, but to me it is the ONLY way.

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