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Thread: Our Canadian neighbors

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    Our Canadian neighbors

    Well! Seems like our neighbors in Canada are finally starting to see the light!

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    Bless their wittle hearts. I read that pepper spray is illegal if you intend to use it on a person but, legal if you intend to use it to deter an aggressive animal (EG: A bear ripping your arm off) but, if you intend to use it on an animal and someone attacks you then, it's legal to use the pepper spray on the person lol.

    According to the Canada National Firearms Association: "Pepper spray is legal if it is intended for use on vicious animals, and is a prohibited weapon if intended for use on vicious humans. On the other hand, if you carry it to protect yourself from vicious animals, and are attacked by a vicious human, it is legal to use it on that vicious human. It doesn't have to make sense, it is government policy."
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