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Thread: Wayne LaPierre's statement: "The Guys with the guns make the rules!"

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    Wayne LaPierre's statement: "The Guys with the guns make the rules!"

    The Guys with the guns make the rules!

    When Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association told a crowd that “the guys with the guns make the rules”, he was widely criticized by the anti-gun establishment, most notably by the former director of the Brady Campaign to Prevent Lawful Gun Ownership, Mr. Paul Helmke.

    I’d like to thank Wayne for making that statement. It is true after all, the guys with the guns really do make the rules. Now lets consider who we as a society really want to have guns (and to make the rules). None of us want the bad guys to have guns, heck many don’t even want the government to have guns.

    But the fact of the matter is that BOTH bad guys and the government will ALWAYS have guns. The gun-banners at best, can only succeed in disarming the good guys. Shouldn't the law-abiding be the ones who are making the rules? I for one certainly think so!

    Let’s consider for a moment some of the rules these different groups are able to make when they possess guns.

    First up, a bad guy:

    “Your daughter is coming with me!”

    Next up, the government:

    “Papers please, now get on the boxcar!”

    And finally, law abiding Citizens:

    “STOP! You’re NOT taking MY child!” & “NO! I’m not getting the boxcar!”

    I’d rather have a well-armed citizenry making the rules, thank you very much Mr. Helmke. I am also sure that our Founding Fathers fully understood that an armed society was the best safeguard against a tyrannical government. Is it really such a bad thing when the good guys get to have a say in making the rules for a change?

    Mr. Helmke, what ARE you afraid of?

    David M. Bennett

    Edited to say: Feel free to borrow this and post whenever confronting some anti bringing up Wayne's quote (which they still do now and then).
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