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Thread: Question for Montgomery Area residents:

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    Question for Montgomery Area residents:

    Has anyone had any encounters within the Eastchase shopping complex? Is it posted as a "weapons-free zone".

    I have only been there once or twice and didn't really notice as it was before I started carrying on a regular basis.

    My reasons for asking are these: 1. I am going to wean my lovely bride away from Eastdale Mall as it has become, IMNSHO, entirely too dangerous. 2. I am an old man and I do not like unpleasant surprises, like being accosted by either private security or MPD.

    Any information furnished to me will be much appreciated.

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    You should be good to go in Eastchase. Every Sunday AL Open Carry members have a get together at Starbucks in Eastchase (or at least they used to) and about the end of the summer of 2011 we had a get together with about 12 members at Texas Roadhouse in Eastchase. All Ocing of course.

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