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Thread: Boycotting Costco is not the answer – petition is!

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    Boycotting Costco is not the answer – petition is!

    I’ve been reading many posts on various Carry sites suggesting that OC’ers and CC’ers boycott Costco, and other major companies, for not allowing any form of Carry on their premises. There is a better way.

    Costco does not post a “No Weapons” sign because they don’t want to offend those who support all forms of Carry. Neither do they want to create a written company policy allowing Carry in OC/CC friendly states for fear of creating a backlash from the anti-gun left. They are damned if they do and damned if they don’t.
    Because OC/CC is not restricted in the Boise Costco, it would appear that it is up to the discretion of each store’s manager and that is where we should begin, but also keeping in the loop their corporate office because we eventually want their tacit approval.

    So as not to arouse a preemptive strike by the anti-gun left, we should begin a petition in each OC/CC friendly state, not threatening, but encouraging Costco (and other highly trafficked businesses) to tacitly allow OC/CC.
    I would propose that we develop a petition and dedicate 2012 to collecting thousands of signatures from our OC/CC friendly compatriots and, in January of 2013, we quietly and professionally present them to the individual stores and their corporate offices.

    If any of you have talent as a wordsmith, I would appreciate your sending me a draft text for such a petition, keeping in mind that we don’t want to levy threats, but just a friendly encouragement, perhaps suggesting that we won’t take this public and expose them to having to take sides and alienate any of the customers.
    Be a public relations ambassador for the 2nd Amendment; dress sharp, be polite and smile; then we will win over those sitting on the fence and become a force impenetrable by the anti-gun left.

    Tony Snesko, Founder Idaho Open Carry
    Open Carry is the Beautiful Bold Face of the 2nd Amendment; and the 1st line of defense against the anti-gun left, and the first casualty if not practiced.

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    I had a similar experience to what others have had in the Nampa Costco yesterday. I was asked to leave and I politely left without making a scene. Today I called and spoke with the store manager Norm Peterson, I requested that he cancel and refund our membership and that I would be canceling my gun safe order that was scheduled to be delivered this Monday. I also expressed that if the policy is something Costco strongly believes in that they should post no firearms on the outside of the building. That way consumers can make an informed decision on where they want to shop. I also pointed out by not posting it on the outside of the building they are putting their employees in an uncomfortable situation when they have to approach someone with a firearm and ask them to leave due to an unposted unwritten policy....

    I got the typical I understand your concerns and I will pass that on.

    I called Costco Corporate office and requested to speak with the regional manager for the nampa region but he was out.

    For those who are interested since they don't advertise their corporate phone number it is posted below.

    Costco Stores's Corporate Office Headquarters HQ in the USA:
    999 Lake Drive
    Issaquah, WA 98027 USA
    Corporate Phone Number: 1-425-313-8100
    Corporate Fax Number: 1-425-313-8103
    Corporate Email:
    Corporate Stock Symbol: COST

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    My advice remains to refuse business whenever possible based upon a company's actions.

    If they don't stock the products you wish to buy, don't do business with them.

    If they aren't open during the hours you can get there to shop, don't do business with them.

    If they are unsanitary or rude, don't do business with them.

    If they pollute unnecessarily, don't do business with them.

    If they bribe their way into contracts, don't do business with them.

    If they perform illegal activities, don't do business with them.

    If they don't believe in the Constitution and endanger the lives of their employees and customers with their policies, don't do business with them.

    Let them know their policy (or lack thereof) and the actions of their management have cost them business.
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    So, I was browsing through old posts and came across this one about a petition for the Boise Costco. Did this ever go anywhere? It's now January 2013, the date mentioned in the post.

    I would be interested to hear of any progress.

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