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Thread: Cudos to Spotsylvania County Deputies

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    Cudos to Spotsylvania County Deputies

    This is a long time coming for me. In early December 2011, I was involved in an accident in which my SUV was T-boned (hit more to the back half on my vehicle), spun, flipped and slid on the roof, and finally came to rest on the passenger side of my SUV. I spent about 30 minutes with my weight on the console (and my "homeland security") and keeping myself propped up by keeping myself parralel to the road by pushing on the headrest on the passenger seat. I had to be cut out of my SUV, but I sustained no major injuries. I was just shaken, battered, and bruised. Once fire and rescue got me out and to my feet, I sought out the first Sposylvania Deputy I could find. I wanted to inform him that I had a CHP and that I was armed (I realize that I had no obligation to do so, however it was a choice I made and I am not going to argHue point here). He asked to disarm me for the safety of the fire and rescue personnel that were checking me out and I voluntarily gave him my license and CHP (he would need my license for the accident report anyway). When I pulled my wallet out to give him my license and CHP, he noticed the badge that I carry. I am a federal LEO, but not a firearm carrying LEO (yes, there is a difference). Once fire and rescue checked me out, he took me to the other side of one of the fire trucks and gave me my pistol back and my three magazines (one for the pistol and my two backups). He was extremely professional.

    The driver that hit me survived (it was her fault). She ran a red light that had been red for more than 15 seconds. She had told one Deupty that she did not remember happened, but admitted to a second Deputy that she on her cell phone with her grandmother. However, everyone I have talked (friends, relatives, etc.) seem to think she was texting and not watching the road. If you are talking on your cell phone, at least you are looking up. Texting (or dialing a number), you are not watching the road.

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    Glad to hear everything turned out OK.

    My definition of a professional deputy is a little stricter. A genuine professional would not have requested to disarm absent some indication of dangerousness. He was just being reflexive.

    Also, the true test of an LEO's professionalism is less how he behaves when he gets assent to a voluntary request than how behaves when he receives a polite verbal refusal to a consensual request. Its at that point one begins to find out whether he is willing to respect rights, and whether he was just pretending voluntariness as a tactic.

    Nonetheless, I hope all the soreness is gone with no lasting trouble.

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    Can't say I'd thank anyone for trying to take my gun. That would have been a real nasty situation if it were me.

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