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Thread: Restaurant carry in TN

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    Restaurant carry in TN

    I live in NC and have a CHP and frequently travel in TN because of relatives there.

    Can someone provide me with the current status of carry inside restaurants in TN? Concealed and Open Carry? And in restaurants that serve alcohol? And in restaurants that have "no guns" signs?

    Thanks in advance, but after doing a number of word searches, I could not find these answers and thought that someone in TN could provide them quickly.

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    SB3012 passed in the legislator on 05/05/10.

    The Governor vetoed the bill on 05/18/10

    The Senate overrode the veto on 05/27/10

    The House overrode the veto on 06/04/10 and it became law (Public Chapter 1009)

    It completely repealed 39-17-1305 so there is no law against carry ANYWHERE that alcohol is served so long as the place is not posted per 39-17-1359.

    It also changed 39-17-1321 to make it illegal to consume alcohol if you are within the confines of a building that serves alcohol.
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    Quote Originally Posted by wilsondeacon View Post
    ... And in restaurants that have "no guns" signs?...
    Statute compliant gun signs have the force of law, Class B 'meanor, $500 fine only. Certain verbal language and/or a simple gunbuster sign of any size.

    Non-compliant signs haven't been tested, matter of fact we can't find anyone who has been charged with merely carrying past a sign period, yet.

    I wouldn't open carry past even a non-compliant one, though, know whut I mean, Vern?

    - OS

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