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Thread: Website: Obama is 'greatest gun salesman'

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    Website: Obama is 'greatest gun salesman'

    This article brings up the question of whether or not the firearms industry should support Obama for re-election. Also some other interesting tidbits. Comments?

    Article from USA Today.
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    Joshua Green -- writing in Bloomberg/Business Week, and who flagged us to this item -- notes that "despite the fact that Obama hasn't made the slightest feint toward regulating guns, firearms enthusiasts have whipped themselves into a paranoid frenzy, convinced that this is all just part of some elaborate conspiracy."
    Oh, so Operation Fast & Furious was all just from wearing my tinfoil hat too tight? Riiight...

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    Fear-mongering and paranoia is what's fueling the influx of firearms purchases. We all ought to be prepared.
    I don't mind watching the OC-Community (tea party 2.0's, who have hijacked the OC-Community) cannibalize itself. I do mind watching OC dragged through the gutter. OC is an exercise of A Right. I choose to not OC; I choose to not own firearms. I choose to leave the OC-Community to it's own self-inflicted injuries, and eventual implosion. Carry on...

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