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Thread: Tigard Or____Loaded Mags???

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    Tigard Or____Loaded Mags???


    Here's the law:
    (a) It is unlawful for any person to possess a firearm in a public place as that term is defined in ORS 161.015 unless all ammunition has been
    removed from the chamber and from the cylinder, clip or magazine. This section does not apply to
    or affect:
    (1) a law enforcement officer in the
    performance of official duty;
    (2) a member of the military in the
    performance of official duty;
    (3) a person licensed to carry a
    concealed handgun;
    (4) a person authorized to possess a
    loaded firearm while in or on a public building

    This law is more vague than Portland. I'm not sure if this bans the possesion of loaded mags in general or only refers to the mag in the firearm. Any advise would be apprecieated. ps I don't have my CHL yet.
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    The town does not have the right to regulate ammo, so IMHO, unloaded firearm, is just that, the firearm does not have ammo in it. Does that mean they cannot charge you if you have a loaded magazine? No. But... It also does not mean you cannot sue them for civil rights infringement when the charge is dropped.

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    That is correct.

    While the Oregon Constitution gives municipalities the authority to regulate loaded condition of a firearm (CHL holders exempt), they did not give out the authority to regulate anything else related to firearms, its parts, etc.

    They may have these ordnances on their books, however if you are ever charged with it. It would not stand up in a court of law. IANAL, and I would suggest getting a lawyer if you are ever charged with any crime.
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