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Thread: My Olive Garden Trip, and an unknowing gun law manager

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    My Olive Garden Trip, and an unknowing gun law manager

    This is in one of my other posts... But I wanted to make a new thread for it, because I'm sure this will get more traffic.

    I went to Olive Garden, and a few guest notice that I had a handgun on me. I could tell some were going to throw a fit because when I was walking in I saw a wife slap her husband to look at me walking through the parking lot. The manager came to my table to tell me that it's a CC only state, and I corrected him. I told him that I did research, called the state police, and that in fact PA is a OPEN carry state. After showing him my Indiana LTCH permit (I know I didnt need to, but I wanted to help calm the minds of the other guest that might have been listening in), he went ahead and called the police anyways (drawing more attention to me) they never asked to speak with me, I just saw the police car, two officers, and the manager outside talking. He came in and apologized for everything that I had been through, though I didn't really care. I told him some other things about the laws that he did not know, he said I was a nice guy (I was very calm, and extremely polite to the manager, and my server who had no idea that I was carrying) and that he wanted to buy me desert. He handled it pretty well from what I could tell. He was from WV so he was unsure of the laws, and apparently so were some of the guests. So, hats off to Olive Garden for doing the Due diligence and finding out the laws before raising a huge fit... and buying my ass desert.

    EDIT: I'm in Pittsburgh near the Parkway center
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    Well done!


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    AFAIK Darden Restaurants, the company that owns Red Lobster, Olive Garden, Smokey Bones, et al, has a corporate policy against guns in their restaurants.

    Source: Lobster

    So it sounds like you did well considering.
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    Geez, since they got my order wrong they gave me a free meal, not just a dessert. You wuz robbed.

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