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    Okay Gang - here is what we are going to do...

    Buck's Gun Shop is hosting a GAME OF SKILL...

    It cost $10 per entry which must be paid using PayPal (www. paypal. com) to

    You DO NOT need a Paypal account to use it for making payment...

    The GAME OF SKILL will be to determine the number of 22LR cartridges that are held within the glass container in the picture below... The person determining closest to the actual amount without going over will be awarded a BRAND NEW IN THE BOX RUGER 1911 45 ACP...

    You must be 21 to play this game of skill and be able to pass a NICS Form 4473 background check...

    You are permitted one guess per $10 entry fee... You can enter as many times as you like, but each time will cost you $10... Please include the guess in a note with your PayPal entry fee...

    All proceeds exceeding the cost of the prize from this game of skill will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project by Buck's Gun Shop...

    The game will be open until I say that it is closed... In the event of a tie, the earliest submission will be declared the winner...

    If there are insufficient players to cover the cost of the prize, all fees will be refunded via PayPal...

    Use the factory 30-06 cartridge in the picture to assist in developing your estimate...

    If you have any questions about playing, let me know by emailing
    "Like" us on Facebook at Buck's Gun Shop for regular specials and other savings.

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    Invisible jar, no fair!

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    I thought paypal was anti gun. Has something changed?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fallschirmjäger View Post
    Invisible jar, no fair!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mainsail View Post
    I thought paypal was anti gun. Has something changed?
    They're not "anti-gun" so much as trying to avoid any liability if someone used their service to pay for an otherwise ILLEGAL gun. You can buy gun accessories with PayPal all you want.
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