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Thread: Those "How people see them" Memes...

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    Those "How people see them" Memes...

    I thought it might be interesting to do some of these for prominent political figures that are "anti", since they tend to be such rich fodder for satire...

    Here is the first one I did, which probably won't make much sense unless you are from Maryland:

    Rumor on the streets is that Frosh has an ultra rare "unrestricted" Maryland "Permit to Carry a Handgun", despite the fact that he has been quotes ON TAPE as saying that any "average person" who wants to carry a concealed firearm or own an "assault weapon" is "absolutely nuts"...

    In case you don't know who JFPO is, they are the "Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership", a gun rights group that pulls absolutely NO punches, and speaks the hard, ugly truth about gun control, and the people who push it. They caused a national scandal a few years ago with a set of flyers they circulated to MD voters attacking Frosh and other anti-gun MD reps...

    And if you don't know who the last picture is (in the bottom right position) it is a fellow named Vidkun Quisling, the President-Minister of Norway from 1942-1945. Google him...
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