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Thread: Is it "Improper" OC procedure?

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    Is it "Improper" OC procedure?

    I was wondering, Since I'm getting my CPL, I'm going to start carrying as often as I possibly can. Now I had a simple question.

    One of the OC Rules is to never remove your gun from the holster unless you're going to "Use it" or clean it.

    Now My question is: What if I'm out shooting with some friends, and I have my regular "Carry Gun" at my side, would it be "acceptable" to bring it out and use the time to get in some more practice? Polish up skills like drawing from a holster, sighting in, marksmanship, etc.

    I did that up at Sedro-Wooley and I became concerned that I did something wrong.
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    If you are shooting at a range or other suitable location then it is perfectly okay to draw and shoot your carry gun. I do it quite often. You may want to carry some extra magazines loaded with range rounds or extra defensive rounds so you don't end up shooting all the ammo you have. An empty gun won't do you much good
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    If you're out shooting with some friends and have your regular carry gun at your side, then bringing it out to use the time to get in some more practice is definitely 'using it.'

    The OC rule (lower case) about never removing your gun from the holster unless you're going to "use it" is a prohibition against threatening display, brandishing, or any other conduct that could be considered threatening to innocent citizens.

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