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Thread: Open Carrying in the UDF on Turkeyfoot Rd in Independence

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    Open Carrying in the UDF on Turkeyfoot Rd in Independence

    Just thought I would toss this out there,as I am sure it has happened to many in this forum.
    Recently, a new UDF store ws opened near me. I am a life-long biker as well as a life-long owner of numerous weapons. Riding in cooler weather, I wear a heavy vest, or leather jacket, concealing my weapon of choice for that day. On those 80+ degree days, I ride with only a sleeveless T-Shirt. To get to the point, when this new UDF opened (which is within 2 miles of me) I was heading out for a ride with some "friends" , needed a full tank, and a coke to carry along. That day, I was open carrying my S & W .45, with double clip pack on my belt, when I noticed a sign on their door that it was "Illegal to carry concealed firearms inside the premises, pursuant to KRS" get the picture. I paid for my coke, and decided to have an ice cream cone and sit inside while I ate it. I was looked at suspicously as I paid for the coke and ice cream cone, and as I walked to a table to enjoy my ice cream. It was not long, before a Kenton County LEO walked into the building, and was talking to the cashier while I was enjoying my cone. The LEO never even came over my way, much less acoust me in any way. As I was leaving, (my bike was parked next to the door, in the Handicap spot, and yes, I do have disabled tags), LEO was outside talking to a citizen standing about 10 ft. from my bike. Again, no confrontation by LEO. 2 days later, I stopped in the same UDF, open carrying my P95,and noticed the sign was removed from the window.
    I just thought this worth mentioning, since there are so many gloom stories about LEO and accousting individuals who OC.


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    Might I ask what UDF stands for?

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    United Dairy Farmers

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    We need more stories like yours, Mojo.

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    is that the one that leads you down the road to the kenton county golf courses and going towards shooters supply?

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