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Thread: Ruger P91DC question

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    Ruger P91DC question

    New to the forums here. Not new to guns, but I'm finding a renewed interest and love for them.

    I recently bought a used Ruger P91DC in .40 caliber. It seems to be a solid gun, and I have had no problems with it, but a gun dealer in my area told me that the Ruger P90 series was one of the most unreliable pistol lines ever produced, and that they constantly break. I have a history with Ruger revolvers and rifles, and found them to deliver stellar performance, but this is my first Ruger semi-auto. I don't know if the aforementioned dealer has an axe to grind with Ruger, but I know I can't take one man's opinion as gospel.

    If any of you have P91 experiences to share, whether good or bad, I would love to hear them.


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    I havent actually owned any P-90-series pistols, myself, but have fired many of those owned by friends.
    Those friends swear by them, owned them for years, and seemed to have had little to no real issues with them.
    The ones I've tried out seemed very solid.

    Try not to take too serious a lot of these "unreliable" claims from folks without their having some 1st-hand, substantiated experience or proof of it-regardless of make/brand, etc. And keep in mind that because one guy experiences a particular issue with one item or another, doesnt mean the entire brand/make/model is somehow flawed, or defective.
    Also keep in mind that, like with anything else, 9 out of 10 issues are the result of Operator Headspace..
    ever notice how many warning notices are stamped into the barrels, frames, etc. of most firearms?
    How the 1st 2/3rds or so of every owner's manual is almost entirely warnings, and safety disclaimers?
    Part of that is our over-litigated/ambulance-chasing mentality these days, but even that is based on something.

    That something being that there are plenty of potential Darwin Awardees out there, who probably shouldnt be handling anything more dangerous to themselves (and others) than a feather pillow...

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    Ruger P-90 series are tough pistols.
    I have a P-85 9mm, P-89 9mm, P-91 40 cal, P-94 40 cal, and at one time
    had a P-90 45 cal, never had a problem at all.
    If you do break it chances are ruger would fix it for nothing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by d dubya View Post
    ...a gun dealer in my area told me that the Ruger P90 series was one of the most unreliable pistol lines ever produced, and that they constantly break. ...
    Did he tell you this before or after you bought one?
    Did he have one in stock?

    P90's have a stellar reputation in both reliability and, surprisingly, in accuracy.
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    I have shot thousands of rounds through P series pistols and seen many more tens of thousands shot through them they are one tough gun.

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