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Thread: Police foundation formed in Newport News

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    Police foundation formed in Newport News

    This seems like a potentially risky venture to me.

    Newport News Mayor Joe Frank and Police Chief James Fox this week announced the formation of the Newport News Police Foundation, a non-profit organization aiming to raise $5 million over the next five years to help the department pay for things the city is unable to provide in a time of fiscal stress.

    The money, Frank and Fox said, can be used on all manner of projects — from new computer and surveillance technology to leadership training to crime prevention and community outreach efforts, such as youth programs and helping seniors avoid being scammed.,0,4739447.story

    The article points out that several major cities have such an organizations, but sadly, these cities also have very corrupt local governments, at least by reputation.

    Chief Fox is on record as opposing citizen review/oversight boards, favoring the department's own internal investigations of possible misconduct issues instead. He also says (about this foundation) that "We have nothing to hide."

    Former Mayor Joe Frank was a MAIG member. Is Bloomberg behind this?

    I've e-mailed my City Council member to ask what it's role is/was in this.

    I posted here because of the Culpeper issue.
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    There are laws regarding how gifts may be made to local governments and how the money gifted might be applied - as well as how it may not be applied. I'll have to do the research for a basic citation, and would need to see each specific proposed gift to figure out if it were allowed or not.

    I'm sure that sooner or later the City will get around to seeing the "t's" to be crossed and "i's" to be dotted.

    stay safe.
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