Hello Illinois residents!

I'm an Ohioan and will be traveling to Wyoming and/or South Dakota this year on my motorcycle. In doing so, I will be carrying as I normally do (open carry is fully recognized legal right in Ohio, and we're a shall issue CHL state as well), which means in a holster on my hip, clearly visible. I'm going to be bypassing Illinois entirely, which will add ~4 hours to my trip, however, it is worth my peace of mind to not have to deal with, well frankly, Illinois. This bypass is fully intentional and explicitly in order to not spend a red cent in the Land of Lincoln.

On the trip I will spend quite a bit of money, on food, lodging and tourist type items. I'd like to save my receipts and send them to somebody in Illinois, most likely a government office or business-government liason organization with political pull. While I don't expect the government of Illinois to say "OMG! Ghostofjefferson avoided us! Quick, change the laws!", I would like to add my voice, and receipts, to any kind of intentional boycott of the state, due to its draconian laws regarding not just firearms, but most anything else as compared to the rest of these united States.

Question then is: To whom would I send such information? Is there a government office/representative that ostensibly is on our (gun owner's) side that can use this information (and any other information others send) to the benefit of the people of Illinois in restoring their rights? I know my ability to affect change in Illinois is limited due to my not being a citizen, however, I can let the government there know that me and my fat wallet will be avoiding Illinois intentionally from now until the time that they give up their police state stance. I'm hoping other non-residents also take up this "crusade" of mine, assuming such a movement is not already in progress that I haven't discovered yet. I'm also doing the same thing regarding NY, NJ, Hawaii and California, however, I'm not traveling near those states this year so right now I'm only interested in Illinois contact information.

Thanks for any information you can lend. I look forward to the day when my brothers and sisters in Illinois get their rights back.