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Thread: SB 389 (BB gun bill): NN student caught with BB gun on school grounds

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    SB 389 (BB gun bill): NN student caught with BB gun on school grounds

    Stupid Kid, huh:

    Newport News student faces charges in BB gun case
    A 13-year-old student faces charges after police said he brought a BB gun to school.

    The student, a seventh-grader, brought the gun to An Achievable Dream Middle/High School on Friday, a police news release said. While the teacher was out of the classroom, the student took the gun out of a bag and threatened another student, the release said.

    Police were notified Monday and located the gun in the studentís locker, the release said. The student was removed from school and is charged with one count of brandishing a firearm on school property. The student was released to the custody of his parents and is under electronic monitoring.
    Really stupid: A Class 6 Felony. Way to go. Gee, I wonder what Marsden thinks.

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    I agree this was a stupid move by the kid. I withold judgement on the parents of the child until I learn more of the details.

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