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Thread: SB 1594 modified to be about schools and firearms

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    SB 1594 modified to be about schools and firearms

    Dogbait mentioned this in the Board of Higher Education thread, figured it'd be nice to have this separated out.

    SB 1594 has been changed:

    Here's the proposed changes (I believe this is the latest):

    The Senate Rules Committee is hearing this now, video stream here:

    The change separates out schools (university, community colleges, K-12 schools) from public buildings and does not grant an exception to CHL holders for schools.

    Edit: Interestingly, the counsel present to answer questions about the new SB 1594 said that the line, "A person who intentionally possesses a firearm or any other instrument used as a dangerous weapon, while on school grounds, commits a Class C felony" would not ban the mere possession of knives on school campus since the knife would have to actually be used for the law would apply.

    The amendment exited out of committee with a 3 to 2 vote. Goes to the senate floor.
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    Hopefully its shot down like 1550....

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