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Thread: WDFW Seized weapon Auction!

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    WDFW Seized weapon Auction!

    It's on March 10th, in Packwood, WA. Previwew starts @ 8:00 AM, and the actual auction begins @ 10:55 AM

    Is anyone considering going to this auction? I know it'll be a zoo, but I need to pick up a "Shooter" gun for cheap.
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    Awesome listing. Wow...

    If you're looking for a shotgun, there are a TON of Remington 870s in good shape for decent prices.

    If you're looking for a rifle, you can't go wrong with a Ruger 10/22 (reliable, rugged, and cheap to shoot), or a Ruger M77MkII or a Remington model 700.

    And there are a couple pistols that look good too, including the Beretta 92F, the Taurus .30 special and the Sig 220...

    And of course, there is the classic Ruger Mk II

    And there is a VERY nice looking Colt Detective special, but this one will probably go pretty high, because they are "collectable" because Colt hasn't made revolvers in years...
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