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Thread: Conference committees?

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    Conference committees?

    Are they open to the public? Do they publish a schedule?


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    Quote Originally Posted by TFred View Post
    Are they open to the public? Do they publish a schedule?

    They are open TFred but you have to pry the schedules out of them.
    They meet when they can and don't publish schedules that I'm aware of.
    They haven't appointed the members for this bill yet but look at HB48

    02/27/12 Senate: Senate requested conference committee
    02/28/12 House: House acceded to request
    02/29/12 House: Conferees appointed by House
    02/29/12 House: Delegates: Bell, Richard P., Habeeb, Johnson
    02/29/12 Senate: Conferees appointed by Senate
    02/29/12 Senate: Senators: Stuart, Stanley, Edwards

    If you call one of their legislative assistants, they can give you a little insight as to when it may happen.
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