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Thread: JR 9MM Carbine?????

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    JR 9MM Carbine?????

    Is anyone familiar with this gun? I was told at the gun store it can handle Plus P now I am reading it cant. I already put down $500 on it and I'm planning on picking it up next week. Just wondering is this semi-auto rifle a good investment. If it can shoot Plus P then I can use it for hunting this fall.

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    I would call ATI @ 1-800-290-0065.

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    Good question. I just read through the manual and I did not see that addressed. However, here is the contact info in the manual:

    CONTACT US AT (877) 778-8452 OR EMAIL AT
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    From the FAQ page on their website

    Q: Can I shoot Plus-P (+P) ammunition in my JR Carbine?
    A: It should not be a problem for you to use Plus-P ammo in your JR Carbine. We initially prohibited Plus-P ammunition because the JR Carbine is a direct blowback weapon with a non-locking bolt. The added power of Plus-P ammunition caused a significant increase in gas discharge through the ejection port without giving any ballistic advantage over conventionally charged cartridges. We were concerned that the higher power ammunition could cause the bolt to move rearward too soon in the firing sequence, before the chamber pressure had dropped sufficiently, thereby prematurely exposing the case wall and causing potentially dangerous case failures. We have subsequently modified our bolt design and significantly increased the weight of our proprietary buttstock buffer. As a result the bolt stays in battery for a longer period, directing more of the combustion gases into the barrel and out of the muzzle. Plus-P ammunition may or may not provide a significant increase in performance at this point, but it should not cause any problems. We will be modifying our manual to remove the Plus-P ammo prohibition in future printings.

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