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Thread: article & poll re: returning Castle Doctrine in Indiana

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    article & poll re: returning Castle Doctrine in Indiana

    Read the article, vote in the poll:

    Basically takes IN law back to what existed before the bad ruling last year about people not being able to resist unlawful entry by police.

    There is the predictable "people will die!" reaction, & one rep. who voted against it because of "perception", even though he thinks this is the right thing to do.

    As with other things, look at what's happening in other states with similar laws.
    Very few people would take random potshots at cops, even in their own house.
    And I think it would change the behaviour of police too, probably for the better.

    Oh, & here's a related article by a very anti-gun site:
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    Unfortunately the Indiana Governor Mark Dayton has vetoed the bill.

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