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Thread: Visiting a felon.

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    Visiting a felon.

    SO asked me this the other day and I had no answer or even thought about it. Her dad is a convicted felon. Can she/I carry into his house or what kind of trouble will we have if we get pulled over while he is in the vehicle and the guns are in our possesion?

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    Yes, none.

    The felon will neither have real nor constructive possession of the guns, so you're good to go. Spouses of felons can even have guns.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hogeater f6 View Post
    "..... the guns are in our possesion?
    There's you answer, retain possession of the firearm. You are no more in trouble for having a felon (not in possession of your firearm) in your car than is the Federal Air Marshal is in trouble because the guy on the other side of the airplane's aisle is a convicted felon.

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