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Thread: Any help -- FOIA request BS

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    Any help -- FOIA request BS

    Asked Hammyford (our capitol) for a list of guns they had ... oh my, what a scandal ! Anyway, they were told to give me handguns that they carry but not to give me anything that is not used in public (???).

    So if anyone has pics of Hartford cops with rifles, shoot me a pm or post.

    Trying to see if they have large magazines to argue against the next time those libitards want to take away my 75 & 100rd mags then I can argue I need my high capacity mags

    Cannot wait for my FIC hearing ... I already have some pics with cops who like to show off their toys & also show up at the CT SWAT competition ... but the FIC hearing officers are idiots ... I figure I'm going to lose but I will need a record for superior court to review.
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