Hey Everyone,

I'm not sure if many of you know me yet but my name is Adam Turner. I live in Sioux Falls and have been heading up SDOC in Sioux Falls. I have designed a LOGO for SDOC and hope all of you like it. If you Don't Please let me know soon because my group in Sioux Falls is getting ready to Trademark it and to go Non-profit inc. We are wanting to set the standard for the SDOC organization state-wide, and to form Chapters all over South Dakota under the same logo with 1 small diff. in logo design. Each chapters logo will be the exact same except for the small pistol logo on the state of SD. The pistol logo will work for Chapter designation. Ie. Sioux Falls chapter will have the small pistol logo over the Sioux Falls area, Pierre over the area of Pierre, Rapid City over Rapid City ect. All Chapters will be headed by their own Pres. and Vice Pres. And all Chapters will operate independantly of each other, Yet we will all fall under the same Discription and Mission Statement (this can be seen on our Facebook Page) Once we get several Chapters up and running I would like to see an annual event where all chapters of SDOC get together and ither attend an event or host one. Please send me any thoughts you may have or Ideas on this. I am also looking to find people that are willing to be pres. and vice pres. for chapters in their area to contact me so we can get the ball rollin'

Thank's to all,

Adam Turner
(605)251-4936 Click image for larger version. 

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