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Thread: Utah not accepting NV CCW?

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    Utah not accepting NV CCW?

    I guess I have been asleep at the keyboard on this old news. At work, we were talking about Utah not accepting NVs CCWs. I understand a NV CCW is no longer accepted by Utah, is this correct? In addition, if I remember correctly Utah allowed open carried loaded mag and chambered as long as the person had a Utah recognized CCW.
    Without a Utah, recognized CCW and choosing to open carry in Utah the OCer is not allow to have one in the chamber. If the above it correct no more open carry with one in the chamber or CCWing in Utah if the NV person only has a NV CCW? Looking for any correct input on this.

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    Somehow the thread got started twice.

    I answered in the other one. We'll let this one die.
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    Yep double posted it.

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    Utah by statute recognizes ALL permits issued by any other state or county! Don't matter a lick if that OTHER state recognizes Utah's permit in any way!

    What Utah did change last year was that now if your state issues a permit and recognizes a Utah permit then possession of your states permit is required before Utah will issue you a non-resident permit.... Stupid action by Utah IMO but who am I, just a Citizen who expressed his opinion and the elected individuals CAVED in to TEXAS because they were complaining that their residents were using Utah non-resident permits to conceal in TEXAS. So, instead of changing Texas law (and taking the political heat for it) they cried to Utah to fix THEIR PROBLEM!
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