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Thread: Ruger LCR

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    Ruger LCR

    Anyone have any experience with the Ruger LCR? I'm looking for a good revolver and I've heard great stuff about it. The biggest qualities I want in a revolver are good trigger pull and manageable recoil. I used to have a S&W J Frame .38+P that fit none of those qualities so I would like to find something else.
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    I think triggers are very subjective. So its best to get in a store and try it out yourself. As far as weight and recoil the LCR is very similar to other lite weight revolvers.

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    On mine, I find the trigger to be long but smooth. I prefer the stock Hogue grips to the Crimson Trace variety. It is a bit snappy but not horrid. It is not a gun I will ever shoot for just the joy of it but not one I object to shooting, either. It is a good choice for what it is designed for: a light, easily concealable revolver. A pocket holster is the perfect accessory for it and it is no bigger than my keyring in a pocket.

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    I have had my Ruger KLCR 357/38 for over 3 months now, and I love it. I bought the 357/38 version mainly for the cartridge options, but also for the SD " best stopping power" in the 357mag. I practice with the 38spl rounds first (50-100), then maybe 25-50 rounds of 38+P, and finally 10-20 rounds of the 357mag.. The recoil is more than manageable with a correct grip and the Hogue Tamer Grips. The accuracy is unbelievable, even at longer distances. The construction is excellent, it's a Ruger, and is easy to clean. Concealability is also excellent either in a pocket, IWB or OWB, depending on holster. I carry it all day, pocket (Remora Standard), IWB (Remora Tuckable or ProCarry Tuckable), OWB (Pro Carry Pancake or Fobus Paddle), and sometimes forget I have it on. So, excellent concealability, lightweight, accurate, well constructed, reliable, very effective (either 357mag or 38spl +P) for SD, and fairly priced. What more can you ask for. Oh, the trigger is really "sweet". I cam actually feel and see the "staging" which helps tremendously with accuracy. Anyway, good luck on your search.

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    You say that trigger pull & manageable recoil are your main priorities. I can't comment on the LCR's trigger, but it excels at being lightweight at the expense of increased recoil. I presume you're looking for a small revolver, so something with some weight to it (i.e. steel framed) will have less recoil that an LCR, S&W Airweight, etc. If you're looking for small, lightweight & low recoil... please let me know when you find that unicorn!

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    I have the Ruger LCR 357/38 and I like it. My only complaint is with the crimson trace grips. I had a hard time getting accustomed to the recoil and thought it was because if the short barrel & recoil. After test firing a Ruger LCR recently that has the original grips I had no problem with the recoil. I never felt like I was losing control of the gun. So I'm going to be switching back to the original grips.

    I like the trigger pull. I believe it does allow for good accuracy. I can also really feel the

    The crimson trace grips seem take up space and you cannot get as solid a grip around the gun which is why I feel like the recoil is pretty intense.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steeler-gal View Post
    I have the Ruger LCR 357/38 and I like it. My only complaint is with the crimson trace grips....
    I believe that. I own and carry a S&W AirLite in .357. When I was shopping (Ruger hadn't announced the LCR yet...), I handled both the Crimson Trace model and the original Hogue Bantam model; the latter was far more comfortable in my hands. And that makes all the difference in an 11-oz. .357 Magnum!
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    I rented an LCR, thinking it could make a wonderful carry gun. (I've never yet carried). This was the first & only time I've ever fired a snub nose revolver. Though I run 200 rounds through it to really test it.

    I thought the trigger was quite nice as far as DA triggers go. Unfortunately, I also discovered that I really HATE snub nose revolvers. I'm a Ruger fan and think they did a great job of making a fine snub nose, but seems it's a class of handguns that just don't work for me. Plenty of others seem to really love it though. I'd add that the Hogue grips on it seem as good as it could get on a gun of such size. They're pretty wide to provide something to actually hold onto.

    That's actually one of the things that brings me to an OPEN carry forum. I'm doubting that I'll be able to find any gun that's easily concealed that I'd really like. Thus, I'm considering open carry of something a tad larger.

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