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Thread: Met a hot head on the road today

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    Good Job Tony! Glad you are alright...very smart move to contact the authorities!

    Sometimes its hard for others to read words and picture the thought being described.

    Festus and VW might need that manthong hug....but I don't want to be around and see it! The imagination is enough....I think I'm scarred for life now!!
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    I think you should have just stopped, hopped out of the truck with your assless chaps and told him you were a fireman. Anyone BA enough to fight fires with assless chaps is not someone I am going to mess with at all!
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    Holy Cow, you guys do not know this is a forum where we discuss stuff? I have no negative comments on the gentleman PERSONALLY. I'm talking about how we ALL sometimes think we're de-escalating on the road, but when our friends help us analyze it we see room for improvement, see where we are mistaken because EVERYONE feels entitled behind the wheel of a car.

    We did not have all the fact when he posted. I'd urge him to drive that location AGAIN when calm and see if there were not really any exits or escapes from the confrontation. If none exist then he's probably done due diligence and did not escalate.
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    Are you sure you didn't leave those on the roof of your car and he just picked them up? (not a serious question)

    Good job Tony. Fortunately you'll never know the answer to the "what if" question on this one.

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