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Thread: Twelve States Considering Constitutional Carry

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    Twelve States Considering Constitutional Carry

    Constitutional carry is becoming more popular as at least twelve state legislatures are considering removing legislative impediments for bearing arms.

    Four states, Alaska, Arizona, Vermont, and Wyoming already have forms of Constitutional, or "permit-less" carry. No ill effects have been connected with any of these efforts, as crime rates continue to fall across the nation.

    South Dakota's legislature recently passed Constitutional carry legislation. It sits on the desk of Governor Daugaard, waiting only for his signature to become law. If Governor Daugaard signs the bill, as many expect, South Dakota will bring the total of Constitutional carry states to 10 percent, covering over 25 percent of the land area of the United States.

    Montana and New Hampshire came very close to passing Constitutional carry in 2011, and while a "shall issue" law passed in Wisconsin, the push for Constitutional carry there was so strong that the shall issue law is widely considered one of the most liberal in the nation.

    Other states where Constitutional carry is under consideration include:
    Virginia, South Carolina, Rhode Island, Oklahoma, Ohio, Maine, Kentucky, Georgia, Iowa, and Colorado.

    Proponents for Constitutional carry claim that more guns in citizens hands will reduce crime, and that the ability to bear arms without government permission is inherent in the Second Amendment. Those who argue against this political surge profess that guns that are not in the hands of government agents are a threat to the public safety.

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    Here is an article as a cite to the above information:

    I think people are starting to realize tht it is already legal to OC. They also realize that it is rather silly to require a permit before someone puts their jacket on. I guarantee that criminals are not applying for permits, why should LACs have to?
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    They discussed this on the local radio show this morning. Some callers insisted they wanted a permit system so that carriers could be vetted as safe. It had been stressed that scumbags get no vetting regardless of laws, but I called in and suggested that in order to graduate highschool everyone should take a weapon safety course regardless if they ever planned to own a gun. I had to take home ec, even though I never planned on using those skills. I still haven't sewn anything since or made bread dough or blue cheese.

    Can you imagine how the brady bedwetters would loose their minds if gun safety was taught to high school seniors, even if it were done with "Hello Kitty" water guns?
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    I wish OK would get Constitutional Carry. I know that some people want it and there's some in the legislature who would support it, but currently too many in the legislature are anti-2A. It's currently a fight just for us to get OC (it "might" finally happen this year as the house passed a bill and it has moved on to a senate committee), so I think we are at least 3-5+ years off from Constitutional Carry. Well unless enough of the roadblocks get term limited (I know a few of them are in the 2012 election) and we manage to get more pro-rights people in there; then we might be able to get it sooner.

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