SDOC Sioux Falls Chapter members will be attending Mayor Mike Huether's Public Listening and learning session on Sat. March 10th From 9-10:30 AM. The session will be held at the Whisk & Chop, located at 108 South Minnesota Avenue. Among the several topics SDOC Sioux Falls chapter wants to ask Mr. Huether about are the Sioux Falls Safe Zones which were passed by Executive order. SDOC wants to know why the City of Sioux Falls is backing an Executive Order that is against the 2nd Amendment and that is also against the State Constitution and South Dakota State Preemption Laws. We (SDOC) urge ALL PEOPLE who don't want to see their Constitutional Rights stripped away by the City Of Sioux Falls one by one to attend this session.

The City Of Sioux Falls has ALREADY Stripped Legally Armed Citizens their right to defend themselves and their familys on all City Property.Standup and Be heard! This will not change till we act as one and let the City Of Sioux Falls,SD know, "THAT WE WE PEOPLE" of Sioux Falls,SD will NOT standby as they strip our rights from us.