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Thread: Time for some real freedom ?

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    Time for some real freedom ?

    While the long gun registry repeal is(finally) great news,what about all of the rest of the garbage that was passed by the Liberals in 1995? How about a movement to restore the real(relative) freedom we had before all the licensing bullsh*t was imposed on us? And what is this crap that you need your spouses permission to obtain any type of firearm license? It makes the days of the 10 dollar FAC look like paradise.

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    Ya, about that.

    My wife and I have been looking to move to Canada, but with the lack of the right to bear arms I don't think that will be happening anytime soon. Its too bad, Canada is a beautiful country and we really enjoy being there but things need to change and I don't think the Canadian government is going to listen to an American anytime soon. I'd write but it wouldn't do any good.

    Good luck guys and maybe you can make a change for the better.
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    you have the right to keep and bear arms anywhere ... even in canada ...its a innate human right

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    I understand perhaps Canada won't be as liberal as the US with firearms rights, but can't they be more sensible like Czech Republic?

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