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Well Kevin, you have certainly lived a charmed life. It is wonderful that you have never been hassled or bothered by a LEO. You must be doing everything right. I had never been hassled by a LEO until I was hassled by a LEO. There are only two types of people that OC, those that have been hassled by LEO and those that will be hassled by LEO. It amazes me that there are those that think just because it hasn't happened to them that it somehow means they are something special. It just means you have not run into one of the few LEO that like to exceed their authority or you haven't been in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong LEO. No matter how you dress, how you comb your hair, what after shave you wear or if you shined your shoes, that LEO is going to try to bully you. It's not about you and how you dress/look/smell it is about a LEO wanting to exert authority he thinks he should have, but he doesn't have. As far as "thug carry", I don't even know what that is. We all have the same rights. No matter if you work behind a desk and dress in a suit and tie or work with you hands at the dirtiest labor and get filthy, you have a right to protect yourself. Thugs/homeless people/unemployed/poor/dirty/immigrant/racial minority/poorly dressed have the same rights as anyone
and how you carry your gun should not be an indicator of your rank in life. There is no law that says you can't stick your weapon in your waistband. Do I do it? Not often. Have I ever done it? You bet I have. To think that "the clothes make the man" or "I have buddies that are cops and they take care of me" is elitism. Is it OK with you if your "buddies" hassle some other gun owner that you and they don't know? We should be working for the rights of all gun owners, not just the well dressed, clean shaven, short haired, freshly bathed, shiney shoe, slim and fit, young, good looking, athletic gun owners who have cop buddies and who carry "our way". This is what some CC'ers do when they disparage us OC'ers. We are supposed to be about freedom and individual liberty. Freedom means freedom to do, look and be what we want to be, not be like others want us to be. IWB, OWB, pocket carry, shoulder holster, OC, CC its all the same, legal. We should support it all. We get to decide how we carry, not how everyone else should carry.
Very well said. I agree 100%