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Thread: CCW Permit Expansion for Nv Residences

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    CCW Permit Expansion for Nv Residences

    I know this is OC forum, but this info is good to pass on.

    At the training/steel plate shooting today I was talking about CCW/Nv residence. The discussion came up about UT. One person who lives in CA said he called Arizona and they said they covered NV etc. So, he contacted AZ, talked to the person and they sent the paper work/finger print card etc and now he has greater coverage of the States.

    Just a thought,


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    Just remember that a NV resident must have a NV permit to conceal in NV.
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    yeah I was looking into getting the AZ ccw because if you are prior military all you have to show is your DD214 and you get the permit. Of course you still hve to do the fingerprint card and application but it saves on having to do the class. Plus you get like 36 states with AZ. Then I learned that since I am a nevada resident I have to get a NV ccw.

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