Sorry, I failed to get this posted here in time for the Democrat caucuses last night. But I do want to remind everyone about the GOP caucus tomorrow, Thursday evening, 15 March, 2015. The meetings officially start at 7:00 pm. In most areas I would suggest showing up by 6:30 to make sure you get through the registration process before the meeting actually starts.

Different parties have their own rules as to who may participate in their caucus meetings. Some parties require you to be a registered party member if you wish to vote in the caucus meeting, but they’ll allow you to register on the spot if you’re not already registered. Other parties merely require that you show up at the meeting and be of voting age. Even if you don’t qualify to vote at a caucus meeting, you can still show up and sit in on the meeting and learn how the process works.

To find out where and when your local caucus meeting is, go to the following website and click on the label that says “Where and When do I Vote?”

For additional information, you can go to your state party’s website. We’ve listed the websites of the four largest parties in Utah below:

Constitution Party

Democratic Party

Libertarian Party

Republican Party*