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Thread: Hi there! New to the forum!

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    Hi there! New to the forum!

    I didn't see a place to introduce myself, but I had a small experience this morning that made me want to know more about open carry.

    I live in Fenton, MO, although I think the gas station I went to was in Valley Park which is very close.

    SOmetimes I forget how freaked out some people get by firearms. Theres this gas station I go to regularly, and once upon leaving the firing range, I had my Beretta M9 in my car. I was friends with the gas station clerk attending at the time so I had him come out to the car so I could show it to him, it was a friendly interaction.

    But 3-4 weeks later, today, the manager was finally working when I went up there, and she came out to tell me I can never bring a weapon on the property of her gas station, or she will call the police, she seemed kind of pissed off too at the time. Considering I didn't bring it inside her establishment, outside of kicking me off the property, I don't know what the police would write me up on, certainly not a felony. I didn't pull it out and start waving it around or nothing, I left it in the case and opened it up, just to show it to him. If I were drunk while possessing the firearm I could understand, but I was as sober as a priest on Sunday.

    Personally I'd be more freaked out about the criminals with firearms not a customer coming back from a firing range who has his gun in a locking case.

    Outside of what is and isn't allowed on the grounds of her establishment, I am curious as to which law or local ordinance I broke upon going to that gas station with a firearm in my car, and if she did call the police, what the penalty would be.

    Please excuse me for being naive about local ordinances, I am familiar with state ordinances, but didn't think about local. I came here to learn so I don't find myself in trouble over my firearm.
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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is not the (right) place to be asking for this kind of advice. I would suggest you telling the good boys and gals over at the MO forum about you troubles. They know way more about MO law than I.

    I would hope that you didn't break any laws in doing what you did, but I do not know.

    Edit: Also, this isn't exactly the wrong place for this. You'll have better luck at the MO forum.
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    Welcome to the forum! I understand that MO is an OC state, so you should have broken no law with your pistol in a locked case... unless LE would consider that to be "concealed". Personally, I'd let the owner of that station politely know that I would no longer be on her property for any reason, and then change gas stations. Money talks! Pax...
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