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Thread: OC while walking dog in Beavercreek

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    OC while walking dog in Beavercreek

    Went out last night in the warm weather with the dog. Lot of people out and about, had one lady ask me "is that gun loaded?" I told her yes ma'am it is. She asked me why I was carrying a loaded gun through the neighborhood, and I replied because its my constitutional right as a law abiding citizen. I don't think she quite understood. She was Indian, and had a small child walking with her. I honestly wasn't sure if people would say anything or not but I am not going to stop carrying my pistol just because someone from another country is confused as to why I'm armed.

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    "Loaded? No, I wouldn't say that, exactly. Moderately wealthy at the very most. Why do you ask?"

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    Congrats on the first encounter. I was actually at the Chickfillet in on Saturday when I received an encounter from one of the waitess there. It was ok, I actually think she was asking the questions for someone else? Aim High!

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