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    Just checking in to say "hi"

    Got nothing to add and have no experience in regards to OC, CC and all aspects of firearms in general. Recently wanted to start protecting myself out in public so been reading threads here and some other forums. Also recently purchased my first revolver and pistol.

    Going to the range where we live in Three Points in the next few hours to start getting comfortable with our firearms. Also have a CCW class next week (Signed up when i went to visit the Armory on Pima few days ago). My wife had taken a CCW class a few years ago but did not follow through with the additional documents for the processing of getting her permit so she signed up with me to take the same class. She has been carrying a .38 revolver in her purse but purchased her first pistol a couple of days ago which will be her new carry.

    Anyway that's enough of me blabbering but wanted to say thanks for providing a very informative site.

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    Welcome, Kay9. You're right; there's a ton of good info here. Looking forward to your contributions as you take the class and start carrying.

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    Welcome. Congrats on wanting to be able to protect yourself n your family. It's getting to be a more n more crazy world out there. Just remember to be safe always be aware of your surroundings don't get complacent and practice practice practice and practice often
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    Welcome to the forum!

    Tons of good info here and lots of good people!

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    And a hearty welcome from Idaho!

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    welcome to AZ

    Howdy, K9, and welcome to AZ, where there is still a modicum of personal freedom. Be safe, pay attention, study and enjoy our wonderful
    state !!

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    If you're living in 3 Points... suggest you forget concealed carry and primary carry openly. 'Strongly suggest you get a shotgun for the house and know how to use that too. 'Recommend not less than 20 ga.

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