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Thread: PRUDEN: A curious experiment in gun control in Afghanistan.

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    Herr Heckler Koch

    PRUDEN: A curious experiment in gun control in Afghanistan.

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    This is not your daddy’s Marine Corps. Or maybe it’s just not your daddy’s general. More likely, it’s just not your daddy’s commander in chief.
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    He said he wanted the Marines to look just like their Afghan partners.
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    Marines are never parted from their weapons, whether they’re on their way to the latrine, the mess tent, or to look up the chaplain.
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    Did someone think that “armed Marines” — the mere term is a redundancy — would embarrass the dozen or so Afghan troops who arrived at the session unarmed? (It’s impolite to guess why they were unarmed.) Unregistered guns frighten folks like Mr. Panetta, ...
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    Mr. Panetta was on a fool’s errand to Afghanistan, ...

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    These people are an embarrassment to our troops and our nation. Something similar to this happened during the Clinton administration, only then the armed troops had to remove their magazines and make sure there were no rounds chambered.

    When Clinton came to my work place in 2000 to give a short speech about American technology, we were told in advance not to take anything that could be construed as a weapon down to where he was, so I left my Spyderco clip-on pocket knife in my desk and headed down to watch. I could have kept the knife in my pocket because no one was checking us as we walked to where he was.

    There were even some incidences like this during the Korean conflict and some of our men were killed as a result of this.
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