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Thread: The Wall Street Journal cites to - **Poll Question!**

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    The Wall Street Journal cites to - **Poll Question!**

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    Well not quite our map but close enough. At least they cited OCDO!
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    As of Wed. morning, 10am WI time:
    Do you support open carry handgun laws?
    Yes 85.9% 152
    No 14.1% 25 votes

    Though the question, & some of their map labels*, are misleading.
    No, I don't support OC handgun laws.
    Laws only exist to restrict, even those which modify restrictions**.
    I support having no restrictions on Constitutionally-protected rights.
    [Beyond the obvious & common-sense "don't harm someone else" sorts of things.]

    * The green & red states are really equivalent.
    "States with laws allowing permit holders to openly display handguns."
    "States that restrict people from openly carrying handguns."

    **In some states, cc &/or OC is forbidden, but an exception to that restriction is having a carry license which is valid in that state.

    Posted the above to that article, w/ encouragment for people to come to OCDO & learn.
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    It is up to 304 votes, with 88% yes.

    I don't like the statement the head of the OK state patrol made. First, there is nothing "contravercial" about OC, except maybe in his elitist mind. The only real contraversy is should the state require a "license" to OC, or not.

    Interesting thing about OK is that their state constitutional statement on the right to bear arms is almost word for word identical to Idaho's.....Idaho has always had unrestricted, unlicensed, OC since the ID Supreme court ruling in 1902.."in re Brickley" What happened to OK? Anyone know the political climate around that thing called "Prohibition"? Bad court ruling in 1920 for OK and freedom.

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    Can anyone with a wsj account paraphrase what the rest of the article says? I don't have an account and thus can't see the whole article about OC in OK.

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