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Thread: Seeking information....

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    Seeking information....

    I'm new to this forum and I'm looking for information on a point of contact for the OC group in Kitsap County. I OC quite often, and I heard about OC groups gather in parks or coffee shops for socializing. I'm interested in doing this also. Any contact info for a group in Kitsap County would be greatly appreciated.

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    Not really a "group" out this way, we have about a half-dozen folks that OC in Kitsap County and frequent the board. There are no regular meet-ups here, in general we post when we are going to be at a friendly location and see who can make it. The Hideaway Cafe in Port Orchard is a good spot since a couple of the regulars are from OCDO and my wife and I stop in occasionally when we can afford to eat out. There are lots of regular meets on the other side of the water if you travel that way.

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