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Thread: Greensboro Bans Guns in "Recreational Areas"

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    Greensboro Bans Guns in "Recreational Areas"

    Not sure if anyone heard or not, but yesterday the Greensboro city council decided to ban guns in "recreational areas". So this includes most city parks and playgrounds. I live in High Point so I travel to Greensboro alot. Luckily I don't have any kids of my own for now, but I now know I will not be taking my nephews to any parks in Greensboro.
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    Not that I agree with their decision but you do realize that the only areas where carrying a gun is now prohibited are playgrounds, athletic fields, swimming pools, etc. As the short article indicates, this actually opens up more of the parks to legal carry than before. Previously all parks were entirely off-limits for handgun carry. It may be bad now but it was worse before.

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    There's a park near me that completely bans firearms still. Either that or they just haven't taken down their sign at the entrance. As far as I know, THAT's no longer acceptable. Yesterday was my first time trying to go there, so I just turned around. Next time I'm over there I'll take a picture.

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    Yup, the signs are still up everywhere. The law may so its ok, but that doesn't mean the local pd is gonna follow it. I can see it now, "sir...what does the sign say?"

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    Quote Originally Posted by importinvasion View Post
    Yup, the signs are still up everywhere. The law may so its ok, but that doesn't mean the local pd is gonna follow it. I can see it now, "sir...what does the sign say?"

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    Hmm... The sign is one of those thin wire ones that you just stick in the ground... I wonder if I can "assist" them by taking it out of the ground next time I'm over there . Of course, I'm just trying to be a good citizen of the community here.

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    not as bad as you may think

    Now I know that this sucks that GSO decided to add these areas to their ordinances. But it apparently only sucks to cc's and not oc's. I pulled this directly from "municode" (gso's city ordinance library). From what I read this only pertains to those people ccing. If someone translates it differently please let me know.

    Sec. 18-24. - Concealed handguns prohibited.

    In accordance with N.C.G.S. 14-415.11(c) and N.C.G.S. 14-415.23, carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited in all city buildings and their appurtenant premises. Carrying a concealed handgun is also prohibited in the following city recreational facilities:
    Playground at Apache Street Park
    Playground at Ardmore Park
    Playground at Arlington Park
    Basketball Court at Arlington Park
    Playground at Autumn Park
    Ball field at Barber Park
    Disc Golf at Barber Park
    Sprayground at Barber Park
    Basketball Court at Benbow Park
    Playground at Benbow Park
    Basketball Court at Bingham Park
    Playground at Bingham Park
    Playground at Bluford Park
    Playground at Brevard Park
    Playground at British Woods Park
    Multi-purpose Court at British Woods Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Brown Bark Park
    Playground at Brown Center Park
    Golf Course at Bryan Park Complex
    Soccer fields at Bryan Park Complex
    Playground at Bryan Park Complex
    Tennis Courts at Bryan Park Complex
    Golf Course at Bur-Mil Park
    Playground at Bur-Mil Park
    Aquatic Facility at Bur-Mil Park
    Playground at Bywood Park
    Playground at Caldcleugh Center Park
    Playground at Carolina Laurel Park
    Ball Fields at Carolyn Allen Park
    Playground at Carriage Hills Park
    Playground at Cascade Park
    Playground at College Park
    Multi-purpose Court at College Park
    Playground at Coronado Park
    Playground at Country Park
    Playground at Craft Center Park
    Playground at Cumberland Park
    Basketball Court at Cumberland Park
    Playground at Douglas Park
    Basketball Court at Douglas Park
    Dudley High School Tennis Courts
    Playground at Eastside Park
    Playground at Elmwood Park
    Playground at Fisher Park
    Ball Field at Folk Center Park
    Playground at Folk Center Park
    Playground at Forest Valley Park
    Playground at Friendswood Park
    Basketball Court at Gillespie Park
    Gillespie Golf Course
    Playground at Glenwood Center Park
    Playground at Gracewood Park
    Playground at Greenfield Park
    Playground at Greenhaven Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Greenhaven Park
    Playground at Greentree Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Greentree Park
    Playground at Greenway Park
    Tennis Court at Greenway Park
    Playground at Guilford Hills Park
    Playground at Hagan-Stone Park
    Pool at Hagan-Stone Park
    Playground at Hamilton Lakes Park
    Playground at Hampton Park
    Basketball Court at Hampton Park
    Ball Field at Hampton Park
    Playground at Hannaford Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Hannaford Park
    Playground at Heath Park
    Ball Field at Heath Park
    Playground at Henry Street Park
    Ball Field at Henry Street Park
    Playground at Hester Park
    Tennis Court at Hester Park
    Ball Field at Hester Park
    Playground at Highland Park
    Playground at Hillsdale Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Hillsdale Park
    Playground at Hunter Hills Park
    Basketball Court at Hunter Hills Park
    Ball Fields at Jaycee Park
    Basketball Court at Jaycee Park
    Playground at Joe Davis Park
    Ball Field at Joe Davis Park
    Playground at Johnson Park
    Playground at Jonesboro Scott Park
    Playground at Keeley Park
    Playground at King's Forest Park
    Basketball Court at King's Forest Park
    Playground at Kirkwood Park
    Basketball Court at Kirkwood Park
    Playground at Lake Daniel Complex
    Tennis Court at Lake Daniel Complex
    Tennis Court at Latham Park
    Ball Field at Latham Park
    Playground at Leonard Center Park
    Ball Field at Leonard Center Park
    Lindley Pool
    Playground at Lindley Center Park
    Ball Field at Luper Park
    Ball Field at Market Street Park
    Playground at Market Street Park
    Playground at Mayer Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Mayer Park
    Playground at McCulloch Street Park
    Playground at Merryweather Park
    Playground at Mitchell Street Park
    Ball Field at Mitchell Street Park
    Playground at Morris Farlow Park
    Playground at Murchie Park
    Playground at Nocho Park
    Ball Field at Nocho Park
    Playground at Oaks West Park
    Playground at O'Henry Oaks Park
    Playground at Pear Street Park
    Peeler Pool
    Tennis Court at Peeler Center Park
    Basketball Court at Peeler Center Park
    Ball Field at Peeler Center Park
    Playground at Perkins Street Park
    Playground at Random Woods Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Random Woods Park
    Ball Field at Revolution Park
    Playground at Rolling Roads Park
    Playground at Rosewood Park
    Playground at Rotherwood Park
    Playground at Shannon Hills Park
    Tennis Court at Shannon Hills Park
    Ball Field at Shannon Hills Park
    Playground at Shannon Woods Park
    Basketball Court at Shannon Woods Park
    Playground at Sheridan Park
    Ball Field at Sheridan Park
    Playground at Smith Senior Center Park
    Playground at Southmont Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Southmont Park
    Playground at Spring Valley Park
    Basketball Court at Spring Valley Park
    Playground at Springdale Park
    Playground at Steelman Park
    Basketball Court at Steelman Park
    Playground at Sternberger Park
    Playground at Stonegate Crossing Park
    Playground at Sussman Street Park
    Basketball Court at Sussman Street Park
    Multi-purpose Court at Sussman Street Park
    Playground at Terrell-Keck Park
    Playground at Textile Drive Park
    Playground at Three Meadows Park
    Playground at Tolbert Street Park
    Playground at Tuscaloosa Street Park
    Playground at Twin Lakes Park
    Playground at Village at Northside Park
    Ball Field at War Memorial Stadium Complex
    Tennis Court at War Memorial Stadium Complex
    Basketball Court at Warnersville Center Park
    Playground at Warnersville Center Park
    Warnersville Pool
    Playground at Westbury Park
    Playground at Windsor Center Park
    Basketball Court at Windsor Center Park
    Windsor Pool
    Playground at Woodlea Acres Park
    Ball Field at Woodlea Acres Park
    Tennis Court at Woodlea Acres Park
    Playground at Woodmere Park
    Playground at Zoe Barbee Park
    Violation is punishable as provided by N.C.G.S. 14-415.21.
    The provisions of subsection (a) of this section shall not prohibit a person who is lawfully permitted to carry a concealed weapon, while bearing said permit in his or her possession, from securing and keeping a handgun in a locked vehicle within the trunk, glove box or other enclosed compartment or area within or on a motor vehicle.
    Posting of signs required. The city manager or his designee is hereby authorized and instructed to post conspicuous signage at appropriate locations on or within each building or portion of a building owned, leased, operated, occupied, managed or controlled by the city, as well as the appurtenant premises to such buildings, indicating that carrying a concealed handgun is prohibited therein as provided by state law.
    Location of signs. Signs on buildings shall be visibly posted on the exterior of each entrance by which the general public can access the building. The city manager or his designee shall exercise reasonable discretion in determining the number and appropriate location of signs to be placed on or within appurtenant premises of such buildings, or recreational facilities.
    Exemptions. This prohibition shall not apply to the following persons:
    Officers and enlisted personnel of the armed forces of the United States when in discharge of their official duties as such and acting under orders requiring them to carry weapons.
    Civil officers of the United States while in the discharge of their official duties;
    Officers and soldiers of the militia and the National Guard when called into actual service;
    Officers of the state, or of any county, city or town, charged with the execution of the law of the state, when acting in the discharge of official duties;
    Sworn law enforcement officers when off duty if such weapon is carried in compliance with regulations of their agency, as provided by state law.
    (Ord. No. 95-134, 1, 11-2-95; Ord. No. 12-18, 1, 3-21-12)

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    Actually, I applaud what they have done. Whether they meant to or not. I am pretty tired of exceptions being made which make CC the default mode. I realize the thinking at some level is to sneak in with CC, and when that doesn't create a fuss, go for OC. For my part, I WANT the general public to see me carrying, and to come to accept lawfully armed citizens as the norm.

    Understand I am not dumping on, or am against CC. I do both. Much of the time, both at the same time.

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