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Thread: French al-Qaeda terrorist: anti-gun spin?

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    French al-Qaeda terrorist: anti-gun spin?

    Apparently the guy who has been shooting people in France has declared himself to be an al-Qaeda terrorist.

    That's gotta be a big blow to the anti-gun crowd... watch for some creative spin from them to somehow link all this to a lack of gun-control!


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    This story is obviously fake and completely made-up.

    Under French law, it is illegal to "bear" a firearm in public. There is no provision in French law for individual citizens to carry firearms openly or concealed, unless they are hunting, or engaged in a competition or on a range.

    So there is no way this guy murdered anyone with a firearm, or carried guns and used them to shoot at LEOs, because everyone knows that European "gun control" laws work perfectly, and have eliminated firearm-related violence...

    When will the press stop publishing these fictional, made-up stories?...
    “A lie can travel half way around the world while the truth is putting on its shoes.”
    –Mark Twain

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