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Thread: Is it just me?!- Spokane Transit Authority

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    Is it just me?!- Spokane Transit Authority

    I realize im probably behind the times on this, because in pretty sure ive seen the topic talked about on here before. But, is it just me or have the "no weapon" signs disappeared on STA busses ?! I'm CC on the bus right now, and all I see is no music, no food/drink, and no smoking signs....did they finally comply with the law????!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by p85-GSXwheelman View Post
    in pretty sure ive seen the topic talked about on here before
    Close to Original about getting signs removed:
    Follow up on getting signs removed:
    Response to getting signs removed/reworded:
    A previous thread by you where above was quoted:

    Glad they were able to address it. If your statement is true and they have been removed/reworded perhaps a follow up email to the person thanking them for following through...
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