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Thread: Hodge opposes gun-permit application

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    Hodge opposes gun-permit application

    Anyone have any information about this issue in New Fairfield? Sees like a great example of why "suitabiity" shouldn't be part of the process.

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    Assuming the misdemeanors are not disqualifiers:

    Then he at least has a chance. This is going to rely on the BFPE's subjective judgment of suitability.
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    He lost his case.

    He admits he made some mistakes. They were shooting at moving vehicles (made the mistake of hitting an unmarked cruiser!).

    That being said, they gave him a denial "at this time" meaning, they would look at the case in a year or two with some time between the appellant's case history. He was also a volunteer firefighter (or maybe it was EMT) and seems he is trying to make positive changes in his life.

    I think the vote in this case was unanimous. I'd have to check my notes (they are in the car).

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