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Thread: Indiana No Gun = No money Card

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    Indiana No Gun = No money Card

    Anyone seen a No Gun = No money Card for Indiana? I see many other States have personalized Cards.

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    Does not matter in Indiana since signs have no force of law. They can only ask you to leave if they know you are carrying and if you do not you can be trespassed. So if you see a sign just don't OC and they will not know. Obviously the big corporate malls come to mind, they are all off limits for OC and you will be asked to leave or trespassed.

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    Even thought they don't have force of law I still do my best not to go to them. One time when I was visiting I went to see a movie with a friend. Saw a "no weapons" sign and told them I wasn't going to spend my money there. Went to a different theater where I OCed and how 0 issues.
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