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Thread: Disturbing conversation at Sportsman WareHouse

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    Disturbing conversation at Sportsman WareHouse

    On the way bac
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    IMO not the best approach if your goal was to persuade them to be more careful. May I suggest next time ask them pointed questions with self evident answers that will let them reach the right conclusions on their own... such as "And you aren't worried someone might see you do that and misunderstand the situation.." or "How many times do you think you'd need to pull the trigger by accident before you'd really regret it?" or "How man accidental discharges do you think it takes to take someone's life?" ect..

    Calling the manager on them I could see them learning nothing from it and instead rebelling and perhaps keep doing it even more.

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    Please list the store address, phone #, and manager on posts like this.
    Makes it easier for others to call.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tucker6900
    He didnt seem to understand what I was saying at first, then it hit him. He apologized profusely, immediately ordered EMP2 to get rid of the gun, and took them both to a more private area, where I hope they had their asses chewed for the stupid behavior.

    How about ordering the other employees to keep their hands off property that isn't theirs?
    How about ordering the other employees to follow some basic gun safety rules?
    And yes, the OC employee should get chewed out for allowing it to happen more than once... Complain to the manager, get a holster with better retention, whatever it takes.

    As for the store:
    921 SE Oralabor Rd.
    Ankeny, IA

    Manager: Dave Nitzel
    Telephone: (515) 963-3500
    Online contact form here.

    Am sending an email now...

    Mr. Nitzel,

    I am a member of a gun-rights community website called Open Carry .Org
    Yesterday (Monday), someone posted about a dangerous incident which happened in your store Sunday, at the gun counter.

    From the description of the incident, several employees appear to think it's a wonderful game to grab someone's pistol out of its holster. More astonishing is that the employee who is the target of this "fun" goes along with it! It's dumb luck that nobody has caused a negligent discharge yet.

    I applaud Sportsman's Warehouse for not infringing the rights of employees or customers, and encourage you to maintain that policy.
    However, I think that people who work in the gun department should AT A MINIMUM know & follow the basic rules of gun safety & it's clear that these employees do not.

    An account of the incident can be found in the thread here:
    [posted link to this discussion]

    It seems that the manager who was called has some clue as to how dangerous this "game" is. I disagree with him telling the armed employee to disarm, because he hadn't done anything wrong. (Though he didn't report the dangerous activities, & appears to not understand the consequences of this "fun".)

    Please please tell me that the people stealing others' pistols have been assigned to other departments... Or at least that they've had to take a basic firearm safety course so they get safety through their thick skulls.
    Forgot to mention that if they someday decide to similarly attack a customer, they may run into someone with retention training & get some painful lessons about keeping their hands to themselves.
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    "How do we keep people from just walking up behind you and taking our guns?"'d think folks that work at a gun store would be familiar with the concept of a retention holster. (and a concealed, left hand draw BUG)

    Quote Originally Posted by MKEgal View Post

    Forgot to mention that if they someday decide to similarly attack a customer, they may run into someone with retention training & get some painful lessons about keeping their hands to themselves.

    My answer to "How do you keep people from just walking up behind you and snatching it?":

    Easy. I shoot them in the head with my back up gun.

    Problem solved.

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