Hey all,

I really quickly tried the forum search, but didn't come up with much (I'm not all that great at figuring out good keywords to use). I know a couple people have done field reports in the past and had some good (as well as NOT so good) experiences, and I know that there are some businesses you can pretty much count on to just go along with the law (ie. Starbucks). I was wondering, though, if there is a list posted somewhere of businesses where folks have had good or bad experiences OCing?

It would be nice knowing to which businesses I should happily take my money. They don't have to be "pro-OC" or what have you, just have a respect for the law and my (as well as their) constitutional rights. On the flip side, a heads up would be be helpful in terms of places you are absolutely NOT welcome to spend your hard earned money. I'm all about flexing my rights, but would rather not get into it with any overzealous "ex-cop who knows OC is illegal" business owners, or miss the "no firearms" sign tucked behind the shrub next to one of the three possible entrances to some place.

Along the same lines, I DID run into a site [friendorfoe.us] in my searching. It looks like just a simple place for users to post different ratings of their experience with businesses in terms of 2A friendliness. Doesn't look like it gets much traffic from CT (only 2 businesses marked), but it's something. Maybe we could just get a sticky thread going here... what do you all think?